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Finally you can find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on those "How To Lose Weight" guides that are available online! This is the only web site that gives you an honest and genuine review of the web's most popular so called weight loss programs.

Because there are literally hundreds of these programs across the web we've done all the hard work for you and given you our trusted view on the top 3 as judged by us. We've saved you literally weeks of time and hundeds of dollars by showing you exactly where to go.

So find outwhat we have to say about the top 3 programs and simply select the one that's right for you.

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Our Review :
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is something of a legend in the nutrition and fat loss world. It contains detailed information on the nutrition and exercise required to lose fat and be healthy. It also has an inspirational element that reveals the power of goal setting and visualisation.

The book focuses on education as well as action for people to fully understand the principles involved in effective fat loss. It has extensive guides to which foods hold fat and which burn fat.

You will be able to identify healthy foods more easily and make the correct choices from now on. By the way, no more guesswork on how much of what to eat. You can calculate the exact ratios of nutrients you require. You can also create a personalised plan by identifying your body type and adapting the plan to it.

Only downside it that it's a lot of information for the average person.

But it will work for anyone as long as you're motivated. It depends what your goals are. If you want to look like the author then this is for you. If you just want to lose a few pounds for a wedding use Strip That Fat (see below).

There is no doubting Tom Venuto's credentials. He has the experience and knowledge (not to mention the physique) to back up his claims. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is not a scam.

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5 Star Program5 Star Program5 Star Program5 Star Program

Our Review :
This system offers a truly new way of looking at weight gain and of course, ultimately fat loss. The focus here is on diet but the author states the prominent reason people are fat and cannot lose weight is that they have parasites living in their stomach, intestines and colon. These parasites breed and prevent your metabolism from working properly. So, this program works by detoxification of the digestive system and then the introduction of healthy eating habits.

This is a true detox system that has had other knock on benefits for many users. There is no focus on exercise but you can look at this as a positive or a negative depending upon what you want to achieve.

The book is a fascinating look at modern life and the perils of over processed food. Whether or not you choose to believe that she has had death threats over what she has written about is up to you. But it won't affect the fact that this plan leads to a much more healthy body and life.

Simply put, this info works! Again whether or not fat loss is directly linked to parasites is debateable but there are a lot of testimonials on the website with pictures to vouch for it.

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5 Star Program5 Star Program5 Star Program5 Star Program

Our Review :
Strip That Fat is primarily a dieting system. It doesn't have a large focus on exercise, but of course exercise must be included in a fat loss program whether it is recommended or not. The system concentrates on improving the user's diet by proper nutritional education.

You may realise by now that the kinds of food you eat are the main problem and not the amounts. Users benefit from diet generator software that is part of the package. It creates menus and even shopping lists which helps if you aren't too creative in the kitchen. The aim is for incremental weight loss that you can sustain over the long term and to improve you body shape.

The systems aims for users to attain an attractive body shape. Over 40,000 meal combinations from the diet generator software mean you don't need to plan anything food related. Create a personalised plan by identifying your body type and adapting the plan to it.

Strip That Fat is good for anyone who fears a fat loss program will involve too much execise and not enough foods they actually like. It will provide users with an overall positive lifestyle change. Good for improving physical and mental health. 

This guide really works well if you want it to. If you are really set to postively impact your life and future by altering the way you eat then it will work for you. 

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How We Choose The Top 3 Programs:
We have fully used and tested dozens of different fat loss programs. We check each one to see how easy it is to follow and whether it genuinely produces the weight loss results it claims. The 3 programs listed above came through our rigorous tests with the best results both in terms of their quality of the information provided and the actual fat loss achieved. We give our 100% satisfaction seal of approval to these 3 programs.


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